Sex reassignment surgery is a term that refers to the surgical procedures by which the genitals of a person’s birth are modified so that they are like those of the gender with which the patient identifies. This surgery is usually performed on transsexual people who choose it as part of their sex change process.


Differences between the CRS of the female and male transsexuals.

The list of medically necessary surgeries for sex reassignment differs between the male transsexual (male to female body) and female transsexual (female to male body).

In the case of man to woman, the febrile genitoplasty is performed, which consists of removing erectile bodies from the penis and testicles, and reconstructing the clitoris, vagina and labia majora.

In the case of a woman to a man, a subcutaneous or simple mastectomy begins, and then the genital transformation is performed, which may consist of a metaidoplasty or a total reconstruction of the penis.

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  • Anesthesia: General anesthesia.

  • Intervention Time: Between 4-5 hours.

  • Stay in the Hospital: 7 days.

  • Recovery: 2 weeks approximately.

  • Final Result: From the month.